Advancing Through the Levels

Forensics is a competition between individuals or teams that requires students to do public speaking. Students find pieces of literature they are interested in and present it. Being able to give a speech in front of an audience helps with leadership, responsibility, and speaking skills. Becoming comfortable with public speaking in high school gives students a jump start on these skills.The performance given is based on their interpretation of the piece which is shown through facial expressions, hand gestures, and voice inflections.

Anyone can participate in Forensics. This year’s group is Maddie Korbas, Ashlyn Hooper, Maggie Warrner, Hunter Exferd, Gracie Warrner, Aidan Lowery, Mikey Austin, Jasmine Hanson, Kelly Boor, Sidney Rabe, Alexis Stoffregen, Morgan Mattern, Logan Porter, Kassidy Ashbeck, Jerry LaFond, Angelique Muthig-Raabe, and Kelci Godin.

The group competed in the Sub-district competition in Elcho on February 27th. Sub-district is the first elimination tournament. In order to pass sub-district each entry needs to receive at least two 18’s, out of 25 total points, during the three rounds.

All members have passed sub-district and will be competing in the District competition held in Tomahawk on March 18th.

Jennifer Shopodock



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