Forensics Members Advance

The Wabeno Forensics team is made up of sixteen students who are all advancing to the State level.

Jasmine Hanson, Aidan Lowery, and Mikey Austin are doing a group interpretation piece called “How to Survive a Horror Movie”. Kelci Godin and Logan Porter are also doing a group interpretation piece. Three groups are doing play acting pieces: Morgan Mattern and Alexis Stoffregen are doing “Sub-Text”; Kelly Boor and Sydney Rabe’s piece is called “A Growing Problem”; and Margaret Warrner, Grace Warrner, Maddie Korbas, Ashlyn Hooper, and Hunter Exferd are doing a piece called “Stranger Safety”. Angelique Muthig-Raabe is doing a poetry piece about “Depression”. Lastly, Kassidy Ashbeck is doing a prose piece titled “Christmas Shopping”.

All participants passed their first competition, moving on to Subdistrict in Tomahawk. The members competed in Tomahawk March 18th and all received exceptional scores. Every single person on the team will be advancing to State Forensics which will be held in Madison, Wisconsin on April 22nd.  


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