Wabeno High Community Learning Day

Tuesday, February 27th the freshman and sophmores of Wabeno High School went to two different places within the community. For the first activity they went to Nicolet Plastics in Lakewood. The employees showed them many job opportunities that are available if they are interested in molding plastics or designing molds. They have many opportunities for high school students to begin their career. For the second activity, the Wabeno students went to the Townsend Fire Department. The volunteer firefighters, police officers, and other local community members showed the students the types of jobs they could have if interested in the police force, becoming firefighters, doctors, nurses, and other things that involve helping people. The students even got to see how the fire department cuts apart cars to save lives in case of an accident. Overall, the day provided many opportunities to the Wabeno High School students to begin thinking about what they want to do in their futures.

Before attending the event, students all took a learning styles inventory survey. At Nicolet Plastics, each student was given their unique learning style. The three styles are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Every new hire at Nicolet Plastics takes the same survey so that the company can work with each individual in the best format for them; they want their new employees to excel in their field and working with each learning style helps to do just that. The students also learned that at Nicolet Plastics there are many job opportunities for high school students and college interns.   

Students also were able to tour the plant to see the inner workings of Nicolet Plastics. Throughout the tour, employees talked to the students about their specific job and responsibilities. The students were shown how bolts were built, how molds were made (programing and machining), and how their machines are useful to the people in the community. Students were able to participate and actually got to run a couple of the machines. The workers were kind to the students and gave advice for whatever job they were interested in. There was never a boring moment in the tour; it was filled with life and interest.

At the Townsend Fire Department, students had the opportunity to speak to many community members about the types of jobs available in the North Woods. The main focus was public service and helping others. Students learned about jobs like nursing, police officers, firefighters, DNR, and forestry. The students learned the duties of each job and how they benefit the community.

Students also were able to see the inside of an armored vehicle and other vehicles and tools used by the police. The police officers taught students how and when these vehicles and tools are used. Then students watched the firefighters use the hydraulic tools that are used to save people stuck in a vehicle after a car accident.  A couple students volunteered to suit up in the full on firefighter’s gear. Once they were dressed, these brave students got to actually use the tools to help take the car apart. Students were excited to learn all the inner workings of the local police force and fire department.

The day was full and didn’t have a dull moment. Everyone the students talked to enjoyed the day and sharing their career advice. The workers were kind and easy to get along with. The jobs interested many and provided some great resources and information to get started in these different careers.

The freshmen and sophomores of Wabeno High School would like to thank Nicolet Plastics, Townsend Fire Department, and all the community members who had a hand in making this day possible. Days like these give students great advice and career ideas for their futures.

-Autumn Stoffregen and Franchesa LaGoo


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