All Kinds of All Conference Awards

It’s no secret that our school is filled with talented young individuals. Wabeno High School is packed full of students who go the extra mile to achieve something great.

This year alone, we had seven individuals who were awarded with All Conference metals. Sophomore, Derek Moravec, received a First Team All Conference award during his wrestling season. Juniors, Dylan Houts, Brenden Dorner, and Tanner Dorner, received First Team All Conference awards during their wrestling season as well. Seniors, Cooper Chrisman and Michael Gilpin, received First Team All Conference awards in basketball. And senior, Kyle Harris, received a Second Team All Conference award also in basketball.

Not only are our students talented on the court, but they are also academic achievers. Seven individuals from Wabeno also received the NLC Academic All Conference award. Junior, Emma Barfknecht, received the award while managing wrestling. Juniors, Hannah Christianson and Kassidy Ashbeck, received the award for their basketball season. Finally, seniors, Allisen Novak, Maggie Warrner, Cooper Chrisman, and Michael Gilpin, received the award during their final seasons of boys and girls basketball.

-Kassidy Ashbeck


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