Rachel’s Challenge

On Tuesday, the high school and 6th grade did activities about peace and kindness. The groups were divided by colors, red, blue, purple, yellow, green, and orange.  The seniors were the team captains.

The first session was working on nonverbal communication where you didn’t speak at all and tried to figure out how to line up and listen to directions that were given. It didn’t work out so well, but we learned. After that we had to write with our non-dominant hand and had to write what Stephen Hawking did or what he discovered.

Next we were in Mrs. Couillard’s room where we had to find a toy motorcycle by humming or banging our hands on the desk/tables. There was a person that was supposed to find it and we gave them clues when they got close. Some groups had to make peace doves where you wrote your thoughts or peace quotes on the dove.

After humming with Mrs. Couillard, we went to the small gym to work on trust exercises. Someone had to pick a partner and be blindfolded. The ones blindfolded had to let someone lead them around an obstacle course without touching them. After the obstacle course we had to have a group of people try to flip a piece of cloth so that the X was facing up. The only downfall of that exercise was that you couldn’t use your hands. We also had to do trust falls, which ended in a big trust fall.

After moving around for so long we kicked back and relaxed with a nice film, Pay It Forward. It’s about a boy trying to make a difference in this crazy world.  During the the movie at the beginning of it a journalist’s car is totaled, completely wrecked. This guy gives his car to him, a brand new car, the guy says, “Just paying it forward.” The journalist goes on a wild goose chase looking for the source where it all started. Meanwhile this little boy (Trevor) was trying to change a homeless person life, he tried changing his teacher. His teacher and his mom ended up dating, but she was working all the time and was so busy with everything. She ends up hitting her son. His dad ends up coming back which makes him so scared, and he is just a horrible person. The teacher ends up facing his fears; he was scared of letting people in, but overcame it. After that they made up and the ending is just brutal. After the film we had to write what we would do to pay it forward.

Some groups got to practice tying the Half Windsor tie. But before we had to tie the tie, we had listen to a story and while listening to the instructions we had to draw what we thought it was. Some people figured it out right away, some people kind of got it, and some were totally confused. The picture was supposed to be a cat. The story was not very clear, but that was the whole point; we learning how we have to be more specific when we are talking. Once we got to the tie, some people knew how to and some didn’t. Some of the people followed the instructions and some just guessed. Overall we all figured it out.

After that was with Mr.Hein, he had us do an activity called the Coat of Arms. This is where we had to draw; something we were good at, something not many people know about, something you do in your spare time, something you love, and your motto. This activity was meant to have you open up to people about who you are.

The last activity was to do post-it notes on students lockers. You would get 17 post-it notes. Seven would go to the teacher and ten to students. The goal was to make someone smile and brighten their day. You were to write nice things about someone and stick it on their locker. Everybody’s day got a little brighter after they read the post-its on their locker.

The day was filled with many different activities to help promote communication and kindness. It was a fun filled day and we all learned a lot and spent the day trying to just be nice to one another.

-DayBreanne Winkler and Alexis Stoffregen


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