The Addams Family

On March 15, 2018 The Wabeno High School Drama Department preformed the popular new musical, The Addams Family. It was performed for the Wabeno High School and Laona High School student body. The cast of the show was very happy to perform for them. It follows the Addams family based upon the original TV show and some other characters.

The story line follows Wednesday as she falls in love with Lucas, someone who is not anything like the Addam’s family. Wednesday brings Lucas and his parents home to meet her parents. Throughout the play each character learns a little something about themselves and also learns to accept new people into their lives. And of course, there is plenty of humor to around during all of this. All the actors clearly put their hear and soul into their characters which made the show very entertaining.

The cast of the show

Gomez Addams: Aidan Lowery

Morticia Addams: Madelyn Korbas

Wednesday Addams: Ellena H. Donaldson

Fester Addams: Kelly Boor

Pugsley Addams: Rebekah Goodacre-Reinke

Grandmama: Georgia Matuszewski

Lucas Beineke: Gavin Skorczewski

Alice Beineke: Kassidy Ashbeck

Mal Beineke: Conor Lowery

Bride Ancestor: Annalise Sommer

Cowboy Ancestor: Franchesa Laģoo

Insane Ancestor: Sunshine Nelson

Hippie Ancestor: Myla Volk

Fancy Lady Ancestor: Hailey Krueger

Pilgrim Ancestor: Zoie Cayan

Lurch: Mr. Andrew Maurer


Production Team

Director: Nick J. Lowery

Music Director: Mary Ellen Keller

Costume Mama: Raletta Ashbeck

Stage Manager: Evan Thomas

Tech Director: Travis Falkowski

Volunteer: Katie Esserman

Make up: Lyssabeth Kaster


Piano: Mrs.Mary Ellen Keller

Guitar/banjo: Mr.Pat Lowery

Running & Construction crew

Logan Reibe

Matthew Majestic

Natalie Johnson

Brianna Balfantz

Jordyn Calhoun

Booth Crew & Spotlights

Alexis Childress

Natalie Johnson

Riley Godin

Lauren McKenna

Neveah Lagoo

Over the course of the weekend, the show was received by the community with volunteer help from members of Wabeno Area Players (WAP). The Sunday show was especially emotional, as several, very talented seniors are graduating Wabeno this year, Ellena H. Donaldson, Kassidy Ashbeck, and Gavin Skorczewski. 

-Max Skenandore


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