LGBT Safe Schools

It is 2018 and our society is becoming more and more accepting of different varieties of people.  A big part of this would be members of the LGBT community.

Children begin exploring their sexuality between the ages 14-18, some sooner, some later. This is their whole high school career. With our society evolving, many schools are making changes to accompany these teens to make their high school experience as safe and welcoming as possible.  

A big problem going on right now deals with the rise of the transgender community, the ‘T’ in LGBT. A transgender is an individual who does not identify as their assigned gender at birth and instead identifies as the opposite.  In the school system, I have witnessed many outbursts from students in class due to the fact that teachers refused to refer to them as their preferred name and pronouns. Teachers have their own opinions just like anyone else. But, just like religious views, teacher are not supposed to speak of them when at work because of the fact that their are many students with different beliefs.  The same should be with their views on the LGBT communities.

To someone who is not apart of any of the communities, they do not understand the amount of distress a transgender goes through, even with something as simple as a different name or pronoun. Teachers want their students to have the best learning experience they can give them and want their students to do the best they can. But, if a student does not feel safe or welcome in a classroom, how do you expect them to do their best and to follow the rules of a teacher whom they believe is against them? 

Teens are very confusing and will fight anything they believe to be a threat. This includes teachers whom they believe to be “phobic” of any LGBT community. If teachers would be more accepting of a student asking to be referred to as a different name or gender, the student would feel safer in their environment and teachers may gain a new understanding of the different communities growing in our society.

-Logan Porter


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