Wrestling Mania

Being a small school, there are not a lot of sports.  But, I chose to interview the coach, John Twardowski, of one of the more interesting sports, wrestling. Twardowski states that he has always been a fan of wrestling and that he’s been coaching it for over 20 years.  

With some sports it’s hard to imagine why people like it so much so. In his own words, Twardowski claims, “Wrestling is a very physical sport that demands discipline and a strong work ethic. It teaches life skills and sportsmanship and like the t-shirt says; once you’ve wrestled – everything else in life is easy.”  

This season Twardowski has a good group of wrestlers, even if they are short in players.  Though they aren’t a very competitive team, in tournaments individually, he always manages to have several wrestlers go to finals. Twardowski could not make a prediction about who would advance to the state competition, but he did praise many of the high quality wrestlers he does have.  All he can do is make sure their prepared and hope for the best.  

Sectionals for the Rebel wrestlers will be in Shawano on Saturday, February 17th and advancing members will be going to Madison the week after.  

-Logan Porter-Thompson


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