Vaping on School Property

Vaping has been becoming a trend in middle schools and high schools across the U.S. and in our communities. This can be practiced using a vape pen also known as JUULing. JUULing is named after a brand called JUUL. These devices can be hidden in pens and highlighters; they are often mistaken for flash drives. They can be charged on laptops and computers. They come in a variety of flavors like mango, cool mint, blueberry, banana and chocolate.

Students are using this product everyday in bathrooms and hallways. They can easily hide the vapor in their shirts because there is not much of a smell to be detected. Teachers are unaware of them because the smell is so dull. Older students have said that the nicotine buzz is all they vape for and the flavors are a bonus.  The flavors are reasons why younger kids try vaping.

Kids under 18 can buy these products using a prepaid visa and have them delivered to a friend’s house or buy them from older kids. They also could buy them on websites. Although some websites have a picture identification, but that is easy to fake. Older kids buy them and sell them to younger kids. Younger kids think it’s legal to buy them but it’s actually illegal if you are underage.

Some health concerns about vaping are that kids can breathe in harmful chemicals that can damage their lungs. Kids at the age of 12-13 are choosing to vape instead of smoking cigarettes. They are under the impression that since e-cigs do not contain tobacco, they are not risking their health. That is completely wrong. Vaping messes with immunity, causes “Smoker’s cough”, and blood sores. Vaping can be very harmful to teens and younger kids.

Many students in the school have different opinions about vaping in school. Many feel like it should not be allowed and if kids have an urge to smoke while in school they have a problem because they should be able to go at least 8 hours without it. Students also responded that they would report students to an adult when they are found vaping on school grounds.

-DayBreanne Winkler


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