Teens Sleeping During Class

Should we start school later?

Students who start school late will be more active because they won’t be tired in the morning. When kids go to school later their activities will go later into the night. Many scientists and health experts tried to get schools to start at a later time because it can benefit adolescents; teens, scientists say are wired to stay up late and sleep in.

How Starting School later Affects Sports/Activities

If school starts at a later time then the sports will be ending at later time. Many of the sport teams will not get home until late; however, the students will be tired and may not get enough sleep. As soon as students don’t get enough sleep, they will sleep in or would want to skip school. Sadly the students who are in sports will have to be more tired at practice and  it will be harder to get home safe at night. The student who are in sports and activities will most likely not have the time to do their homework and may not be able to get it done on time. 

Health Effects From School Starting Later

Sadly, students who start school later have some health problems and troubles sleeping. Many of the students who do not get enough sleep will lose their focus and will not get anything done. Some people who have sleep problems can compromise the immune system. Lack of sleep can change kids’ moods quickly and decrease focus. 

Why is this a problem?

Early school hours will prevent many students and young teachers from getting the 9-10 hours of sleep per night that most teenagers and young adults need. Instead of going to sleep at night many of the students will want to play their games or watch TV. Starting school later causes other problems of students being more active during the afternoon and affecting work schedules of parents and guardians who need to pick their kids up after sports and activities late in the evening. 

-Trevor Collins


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