English Communications

Have you ever felt that you are unable to properly express yourself? Well you are not alone in your endeavor to be understood. Among those people are seven students under Ms. Sippel’s English Communication class who, among other things, learn to communicate, using the English language system.

The class started in September, with the beginning of the school year, and has gone on to this very January day by which I write this article. Over the course of time I have been here, we have learned a great deal, writing new articles every week along with large projects in the form of speeches.

Now these speeches were all written by us, and presented to the class.  The ones we have done thus far are; introduction, demonstration, informative, and a presentations about non-verbal communications.

Our introduction speech was us writing about ourselves like narcissists, then presenting it to the class. We told what we were about and who we were to the six other people in the class.

After that we made our demonstration speech, which we used to demonstrate a skill or thing that we could do and others did not know how to do. For example, for my demonstration speech I did “how to draw” which taught people how to draw simple cartoon characters.

For our informative speech, we had to inform on a topic. For this I decided to talk about what happens to the body during a hangover, titled, You And Your Hangover.

Then in our final presentation we talked about the non-verbal communication. For that one we needed to pick a foreign nation, and/or culture, and identify the non-verbal communication there. We had to do in depth research on that culture and find what is different about their communication styles to ours.

So that has been our semester, several months, and several speeches, and many articles. Along with that dear reader,  I may not be able to help you communicate better. However, feel better in the knowledge that I, and other people in this class. will.

Here are some interviews on the class:

Student: Jerry LaFond

Q:Do you like this class?

A: Eh, sorta.

Q:Has this class been productive for you?

A: No, I do not think it has been. It has not helped me learn to communicate in English.

Q:How do you think things class will go in the next semester?

A: Similar.

Q:What was your favorite speech you have done?

A: The one where I got to talk about the Germans. Cuz you know, the Germans are a superior people.


Teacher: Sippel

Q:Do you like this class?

A: It works better when you have a group of students who are more involved than students who are not.

Q:Has this class been productive for you?

A:Somewhat, and its related to my last answer, as it’s hard when students are not involved, because then they have less to write about.

Q:How do you think things class will go in the next semester?

A: Pretty much the same, unless new people join.

Q:Do you that kids who aren’t involved need a class more than others

A: Not necessarily because there are many people in this class who are already good at communicating and so this class is more of a refresher for them. 

-Max Skenandore





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