Doing Good at the Local Thrift Store

On January 9th Jesse, William, and I went to the thrift store to help move boxes from the basement to the front of the shop. We were asked by the school to go help them with the boxes. We got out of fourth and fifth hour classes to do this. 

When we were done helping them out they rewarded us. We got a free soda, anything from the store for free, and a $15 gift card to Pichottas. Jesse took a pair of bull horns so he could mount then onto his truck, I took a sweet leather jacket, and William didn’t want anything. In addition to getting free merchandise, we also now have the chance to put the good deed on our resumes for community service hours.

We spent about an hour moving the boxes. We took a break around twelve to get a drink and some food from their little kitchen area. The workers were really nice to us and very thankful that we came to help. 

We also moved boxes for Goodwill Donations because the guy that moves those was there the day we went to help. We were lucky to be able to help them out when they needed it. I’m sure all of us would do it again if we had the chance to.


-Damon Martzahl


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