Psychology Experiments

On November 28, in fourth hour psychology we did an experiment. Mr. McCann had us put on a blindfold, noise cancelling headphones, and then spun us in a chair to display how our senses work. Then he had us put drunk goggles on and try to walk a straight line in the classroom. While we walked in a straight line he had a piece of tape with our names on them so that if we stepped off the line, that was where we had messed up.

The point of spinning us around on a chair- blindfolded and deaf- was so that we can experience how hearing and sight are essential to balance. The point of the drunk goggles was to show how impaired your sight and hearing can get due to outside forces. Mr. McCann was able to teach an essential lesson in psychology while making the learning fun. 

Below are a few interviews conducted after the interviewees had undergone the different experiments:

Interview with Shelby

Q: How did the drunk goggles make you feel?

A: The drunk goggles made me feel retarded.

Q: How far did you get on the line?

A: All the way.

Q: How long did it take to walk the line?

A: So quick you couldn’t see me (like the flash but not at all).

Q: Why did you do this?

A: Because the little child inside of me wanted a shot at my glorious day to be known as the school drunk, in other words he was forced to.  

Interview with Gracie

Q: How did spinning in a chair blindfolded and deaf make you feel?

A: It left me with just a few senses that made me incoherent of where I was.

Q: What was your vision like after you were spun in the chair?

A: I couldn’t focus and felt like I was still spinning.

Q: Was this experiment any fun?

A: Yeah, especially when I fell.

Q: Did this experience help you with psychology in anyway?

A:  Yes, it made me realize how important the senses were and that your senses can be  manipulated.

-Damon Martzahl and DayBreanne Winkler


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