Nygard and Math Games

Is Mr. Nygard good at teaching how to play games?

Yes, Mr. Nygard teaches people in his 8th hour how to play games. He teaches many new games every other day. In Mr. Nygard’s, students play different games and some of the same games. He helps to teach you the different math strategies used in order to be a good player of the game. 

How fun is Mr.Nygard’s class during 8th hr?

Although many people love to play games, they will get mad when they will lose. Many of them will play some games with cards or board games. Most people have been enjoying the math games with Mr. Nygard, but sometimes students will get made if they lose. Eventually, Mr. Nygard will yell at you if you’re not playing a game and he will see what you are doing once in and awhile.

What are some games Mr.Nygard plays?

Some of the games Mr. Nygard plays are usually cribbage, poker, chess or checkers, Sudoku, and mancala. There are many more new games he teaches us how to play. All of the games Mr. Nygard chooses to play are very different, but have one thing in common – math. 

-Trevor Collins


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