College Fair

The junior’s of Wabeno and Laona High Schools recently went to Marinette University for a college fair. They had a chance to see what these colleges had to offer as far as majors and programs. Colleges there include Nicollet, UW Green Bay, Seton Hall, Parkside, Drake University, Tampa Bay, and UW Whitewater.

It was an all day event, having them leave early in the morning, and arriving back around 12:00. At this event they got a lot of pamphlets and information about various schools in and around the state and the nation, as many schools sent representatives to tell what their school was about. Students were able to ask questions and begin choosing the place that will be right for them and their career path. 

All in all it was a good experience that gave many young people the opportunity to start thinking about their future education outside of high school, whether that be a four year degree, a community college, or even just a technical school. All of these choices will help prepare the students for the workforce after they graduate from these institutions.

-DayBreane Winkler and Max Skenandore


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