Throwtron #2017HOCO

On the sixth of October, 2017 there was a throwtron game. This game was played as a competition between the classes at Wabeno High School after the parade and other festivities due to Homecoming. 

Any member of each class who wished to participate could, and did. Using a special ball, shaped similarly to a football, the goal of throwtron is to run the ball to your team’s goal line. You cannot hold on to the ball, but instead you must keep passing the ball between all your teammates.

Score was kept on the board and announced by Collen Bailey. Humor ensued and a good time was had by all. Not just that, however, concessions were sold by the Student Council who organized all of our Homecoming activities for the week. Mrs.Couillard also used much of her own money to buy students food and drink. I would like to send a special shout out to her.

Then finally after the games of throwtron each class participated in a massive game of Tug-O-War with victory going to the 8th grade and a close second to 11th.

-Max Skenandore


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