Hub Bub from the Summer

August 1, 2017 the solar eclipse happened. It lasted for about 15 minuets. I saw it with my parents, brother, and sister. The next eclipse is 38 years from now. 300 million people saw the eclipse. They even stopped ringing Big Ben in London during the solar eclipse. It is something that people around the world witnessed and were in awe with. 

I interviewed Jerry who had the advantage to view the solar eclipse from Meryl, Illinois. Unlike here in the Northwoods, in Southern Illinois, you were able to see the full eclipse. Jerry watched through a welding mask and remembers that it got darker and darker within a few minutes. He said the birds and crickets were acting weird, as in the birds stopped chirping and the crickets started even though it was still technically daytime. He could see the moon continue to move and it seemed as if it was midnight. It slowly got to be brighter as the moon moved away from the sun and eventually things went back to normal – including the birds and the crickets.

-Damon Martzahl


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