Band and Choir Competition

Wabeno Junior and Senior High bands and choir traveled to Three Lakes High School last week Thursday to preform in Large group competition. 

Both bands performed their pieces in front of 3 judges. The judges scored the Junior High band with a perfect score of three 1’s and they received a 1st place. The High School band also received a first with the score of two 1’s and one 2. Both bands have been practicing for large group for months and are proud that they accomplished their goal of getting a firsts.

The first song the High School performed was March of Bacchus. The composer had an insight on a chaotic form, with leaves the almost flirting tone between the different sections. The dynamics were the stand out in this song with the terrace notes. The second song we performed was In the Forest which is a three part song with 5 different sheets of music. The contrasts of each different section in these allowed it to have its own life take form to any listener. 

The choir group performed three songs in Class C at our area Large groups. The first song that was performed was a Class A duet with three different vocal parts if you include the melody from the piano. Sam was a Man which is based on a poem, written about a true person of the everyday life of an East Coast farmer in the 1800s. The second song performed was a short traditional German song named Auf! Stimmet die Saiten. It’s a joyous tune that has been passed down through the generations in Germany. The third and last song that was performed was For Good from the musical Wicked. It’s originally sung as a duet between the two sisters on their farewell on two new paths in life. The version we performed was a four part melody that features our seniors and their send off in life. The overall score the Choir received was a 2, but only one away from being a 1.

-Jennifer Shopodock and Maddie Korbas


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