Strides Walk

Students of Wabeno High School participated in a Diabetes Strides Walk, sponsored by the Lions Club on the morning of April 28th.

The students started the morning with a presentation from Val and Evan Loduha. They talked about how Evan has had type 1 diabetes since he was two. They taught us that learning to control it and being educated were important for everyone in his life. Evan plays 3 sports and enjoys hunting and fishing. Even with type 1 diabetes, Evan is just like any other kid. 

After the presentation students and staff of Wabeno were given cards numbered 1-12. The note card was hole punched for each lap completed around the high school. The laps were ¼ of a mile each and students walked outside for an hour. Snacks and water were handed out along the way for each lap completed.

A huge thank you goes out to the Lions and the Loduha family for your time and dedication.

-Jennifer Shopodock


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