National Honor Society

April 30th was a big day for a few students at Wabeno High. Not only was it the day after prom, but thirteen students were inducted into the National Honor Society.

Nine seniors were inducted for the second time; Maggie Warrner, Allison Bartels, Allisen Novak, Cooper Chrisman, Michael Gilpin, Ashlyn Hooper, Keci Godin, Brandon Moravec, and Lindsey Dinkelman were these individuals. Jasmine Hanson, also a senior, was inducted for the first time. Only three juniors were inducted for the first time including, Kassidy Ashbeck, Hannah Christianson, and Hailee Powers.

The banquet took place at Waubee Lake Lodge. Each student was required to write some sort of speech about the National Honor Society that they would present during the night. Each year there is a guest speaker who also attends the banquet. This year, Suzanne Bell attended as the guest speaker. She spoke largely on volunteer work and how each of us could do something to help our community.

Lastly, the new members would like to thank Mrs. Mary Ellen Keller for advising the Wabeno chapter of the National Honor Society. Mrs. Keller scheduled the banquet and basically did everything for the NHS. She also put in a lot of hard work to make sure that the inductees and their families would have a wonderful time.

-Kassidy Ashbeck


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