Coming Home

On March 24th Wabeno students got the opportunity to watch Tim Helnore, who is an old student of WHS.  He was a part of the Wabeno Area School District from kindergarten all the way to 7th grade before him and his family moved out to Montana prior to the start of his 8th grade year.  

While Tim was a student here he started to learn the guitar; he’d play every once in awhile, but wasn’t all too serious about it at the time.  When Tim moved out west though, he really fell in love with the guitar and started to dedicate countless hours to practice.

Fast forward a few years and Tim and his guitar skills have really changed.  Before Tim went out west he was one of the shy kids who didn’t really want to be noticed in the crowd.  Now Tim is performing all over his hometown and the state of Montana.  Not only does he play all over, but he even has his own album on iTunes called “What I’m Dreaming Of”, which he got by winning a huge competition filled with tons of incredible aspiring artists.  

One of the coolest things about Tim’s music is that he writes a lot of his own songs.  Tim even made a song just for the concert here in Wabeno called “Coming Home”.  This particular song pretty much summarized his excitement and fear of coming back and performing in front of his peers, however Tim rocked it and made it a fun time for everybody.

-Cooper Chrisman


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