Yolk’s on You

The Yolk’s on You challenge has been a very fun and exciting way to help raise money for the PBIS team. The money goes towards the prizes given out to Roller Riser winners at the assemblies.  

The game is simple; everyone in the school votes on students and teachers to participate by putting money in under their name. Whoever has the most money participates in the game. During the game, a student faces a teacher. Taking turns, they each smash an egg on top of each other’s head. Some eggs are hard boiled; some are raw. The person to get two raw eggs smashed on their head loses that round.

Mr. McCann was the first to win the Yolk’s on You 3 years ago, and this year the school is looking at a new champion. Up until this year, a student has never won. However, Bob Brauer was looking to make history on March 30, 2017. Bob was the first student to ever win the Yolk’s on You challenge. After meeting with Bob afterwards it was easy to see that he is a champion.

-Kyle Harris


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