Senior Spotlight – Cooper

Cooper Chrisman is known in this school for being the big basketball star.  He did not get this label on accident. Leading the team for 4 years straight and bringing home 3 undefeated conference championships is a pretty huge accomplishment. But, how does he do it?

When Cooper was asked to tell us what made him fall in love with the game, this was his response.  “I fell in love with basketball by just being around it all the time.  My dad was the coach when I was younger and I looked up to all of the players like Corey Ashbeck, Brian Ashbeck, Andrew Harrison, Kevin Bonnie and all of the other players.”  

Through Cooper’s busy school day, I was able to ask him a quick question. I asked him, “How often do you work on your game in the off-season?” Cooper replied, “ Practically everyday.” Now that is dedication. 

Cooper plans to further not only his education but also his basketball career at UW-Stout.

Cooper is not only an outstanding basketball player. He is also one of the top ranked students in the Senior class academically. Cooper finds time to work super hard on his game after all of his school work is done. In my opinion, Cooper is the perfect example of a Student Athlete.

-Kyle Harris


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