The Man Behind the Scenes

Many of you know Mr.Taylor is the Wabeno High School principal, but you don’t really know what motivates him.  

Mr.Taylor started out in the Wabeno School District as a teacher.  He knew how to make class fun while still getting the most out of his students, which is one reasons why he was one of the most liked and respected teachers.  On top of teaching he also coached varsity basketball; just like in teaching,he found a way to make practices fun and productive. However, he had to give all of it up when he became principal in 2014, but eventually took on the JV coaching job the following year.  

He became the principal to take on a new leadership role outside of teaching.  Mr. Taylor’s favorite part of being principal is being a part of the entire school, not just one classroom. His least favorite part of being principal is not being able to figure out how to keep all of the kids engaged in the classroom.  He also wishes he could find a way to get more school spirit throughout the students.

His one regret about becoming principal  is losing connection with students in the classroom.  Mr.Taylor’s favorite part about this school district is its diversity.  When asked who his role model is Mr. Taylor said, “My wife. Her energy and care in her position in school is hard to match.”

Outside of school Mr.Taylor enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time with his family.  He also spends most of his weekends coaching his son’s youth basketball team.

-Cooper Chrisman


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