Unique Ability

Not everyone is gifted with artistic ability. However, Mr.Keller did point out one extraordinary individual. When asked if he could pick out one Artist of the Month, there was no hesitation as Mr. Keller announced Casey Riebe.

Even though Casey thinks of art as only a hobby, he does not have any plans of giving it up anytime in the future. It is an activity he can see himself doing the rest of his life.

Uniqueness is what inspires Casey and is also what got him chosen for the Artist of the Month. Casey starts an art project off with a picture in his head of how he wants the piece to look like. Then he just starts working. As he’s working things keep coming to mind and he just goes with the flow. When he looks at his final piece, it usually doesn’t look like what he first thought it would look like. This is what makes his art so unique; he is able to follow the art.

Casey never expected to be chose as the Artist of the Month, but it is a great honor for him.

-Kyle Harris


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