Snowcoming Events

Next week is Snowcoming! Every year Wabeno High School Student Council sets up activities during this week to break up the monotonous days of winter.  

The activities this year are as follows: Kettle-Bowl skiing (downhill), sledding, and snowboarding;  ice fishing on Lake Windfall; a cribbage tournament; a Mario Kart competition; bowling at Rusty’s; and cross country skiing. All of these activities will take place Friday, February 3. 

As always there will be a Cardboard Classics again this year. In teams of 4, students will create sleds made out of only cardboard and duct tape. They will then slide down a hill to see whose sled is the best. 

During this week there will also be a Tug-o-War competition, a bonfire, and a movie in the auditorium for those who are not competing in the Cardboard Classics.

The week will begin off with a ceiling tiles competition to see which class can paint the best tile. Wednesday and Thursday will be the Newlywed competition where two members of each class compete to see just how well they know each other.

These are the dress up days for the week of Snowcoming:

Monday – Pajama Day

Tuesday – Beach Day

Wednesday – Athlete vs. Mathlete Day

Thursday – Farmer Day

Friday – Winter Apparel Day

May the best class win!

-Jennifer Shopodock


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