Alaskan Academic

This month’s teacher of the month is High School math teacher Chuck Nygard.  If you know Chuck you probably know how great of a role model he is.  

Mr. Nygard was born in Tucson, Arizona where his family soon moved to Kotzebue, Alaska and finally Juno, Alaska where he grew up.  From a young age he enjoyed being outdoors doing this from hunting to fishing and hiking. Mr. Nygard also enjoyed playing sports such as basketball.  

Mr. Nygard started his teaching career in Alaska and eventually became a principal.  He then moved to Lakewood where he became a teacher at Wabeno.  

Mr. Nygard still enjoys playing basketball even though it’s now limited along with being in the outdoors wrestling bears, fishing, and hunting.  He also enjoys spending time with his wonderful family and watching sports.

Mr. Nygard became a teacher because he wanted to make a difference in kids’ lives and provide a foundation for future growth.  Mr. Nygard’s favorite part of teaching is seeing the excitement a kid shows once they finally understand something; he takes pride in knowing he’s helped them understand a difficult topic.  Mr.Nygard’s favorite part of this school is the student to teacher ratio along with the feeling of being a part of the community.  

When asked about what he thinks his greatest achievement was Mr. Nygard said, “Having good kids and fostering good kids at school because teachers are like parents to the kids while they are in school”.

-Cooper Chrisman


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