Future Endeavors

This time of year is stressful for senior students as they finalize their plans for after high school.  We interviewed a sample of the 2017 class to see what those plans are.  Out of the ten we interviewed seven have chosen their college with two undecided and one going into the military.

We asked each student where they plan to go to school, why they are choosing that school, what their major will be, and what they are most excited about for these future plans. Here is what we learned…

Rachel Calarco plans to attend UW Oshkosh because of their excellent education program and their wonderful campus.  She intends to major in Special Education.  “I am excited to try new things and be in a different place and on my own.  I think I’ll come across many new challenges and obstacles,” she said when asked what she’s most excited about.

Lindsey Dinkleman is going to attend St. Norbert’s College because of the small size of the school and the great opportunities she received to go there.  Right now Lindsey is considering majoring in Business Economics.  The reason she is so excited is “to meet new people and try new things.  It will be a great experience considering we come from such a small school.”

Ashlyn Hooper will attend Fox Valley Tech; Ashlyn doesn’t know what she wants to major in yet so a tech school will be easier to pay for while she decides.  Ashlyn is most excited “to meet new people and start my adult life.”

Maggie Warner has her choices narrowed down to UW Green Bay, Carthage, and Illinois Wesleyan where she plans to continue her golf career.  She is undecided on what she will go for, but is leaning towards pre-dental.  The reason she’s excited is “to play on a new team and have the abilities to meet and be friends with new people while learning and experiencing new things!”

Taylor Neitzer plans to pursue her softball career at Northland College.  Taylor wants to major in Natural Resources with an emphasis in Forestry.  Taylor is excited “to play with a team that enjoys the game of softball and just to meet new people and different experiences.”

Allisen Novak plans to attend UW Oshkosh for nursing because of their excellent nursing program.  She is excited “to meet new people and further my education in nursing and facing new challenges.”

Hope Barfknecht is going to attend UW Oshkosh because she wants to go for nursing and they have the best program around. Her reason to be excited is “not living at home anymore.”

Spencer Huettel is joining the Air Force; he has always wanted to join the military.  Spencer plans to do missile and space systems electronic maintenance.  He is excited “to travel and  learn important life skills.”

Brandon Moravec has his choices narrowed to Upper Iowa or UW Stevens Point.  His reasoning for this is because of their excellent environmental programs. He plans to major in Environmental Studies.  His reason for being excited is “to not live around here.”

Lake Koenig plans to attend UW Stevens Point because they have great programs for her major, along with the friendly environment and her love for the campus.  She wants to major in Zoology.  The reason she’s excited is “to get away from home and meet new people.”

It looks like the senior class is very enthusiastic and energetic to begin their new adventures after high school. Good luck to all!

-Cooper Chrisman and Kyle Harris


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