Homefront Radio

Last Thursday Laona/Wabeno Drama premiered their play, “Homefront Radio Show”.  The play is about a radio program set in the 1940’s.  The play had a combination of segments including a soap opera, comedy, mystery, along with songs and advertisements.  

While we could see the play and see the cast as they were working, the show was created as a radio program. Sometimes if you closed your eyes and just listened, it brought you right to the 1940’s and it felt as if you were actually listening to the radio.

One of the coolest and most unique parts of the play was the sound effects that were made on stage.  From opening a door to a sudden rainstorm, every sound was created manually. This was done because the cast wasn’t actually acting like in a regular play. By making the sounds they were making the radio program more clear and entertaining to the audience. 

Another part that stood out was how well the cast performed their accents.  This was one of the more troublesome areas for the cast, many of whom have never acted while trying to do an accent.  Another of the more impressive moments from this cast was their ability to bounce back after losing a cast member who was playing a main character a week prior to the premiere.  

This cast put numerous hours of practice into this play and it showed in every little detail.

-Cooper Chrisman


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