Science Put to the Test

This year Wabeno High School has offered an extra class that takes place once a week on on block days to further their student’s education in fun ways; students are able to participate in activities they wouldn’t normally be able to do during a regular school day. The classes are offered by multiple teachers and range from math games, reading, top chef, and many others.  

One of the more challenging classes is Mr.T’s STEM class, which deals with physics.  The class ranges from 7th grade students all the way up to seniors.  The first project given to the class is to build their own trebuchet. A trebuchet is a medieval machine mostly used then to launch missiles.  The class was split into groups; each group is building their own trebuchet and is competing to make the best one.  The group is forced to put their problem solving skills to the test to complete this feat.  The best trebuchet will be copied and the whole class will help to build a larger scale model of it.  

Another project the class is working on is using k’nex to build model roller coasters and other amusement park rides.  The class has the k’nex set up with monitors to read the speed of the coasters; they use this to calculate everything from the friction and how high loops in the roller coast can exist and many other things.  Mr. T started this class to get kids thinking and to challenge them.  

-Cooper Chrisman


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