Spinning Masterpieces

This month’s artist being recognized for her work is Hope Barfknecht.  Hope has been fascinated with art ever since she can remember.  She was inspired at a young age by the art pieces her older siblings created.  

With every one of her pieces she tries to create a functional item.  She feels that all of her art should have a purpose, whether it be a mug, bowl, vase, etc.  That’s why it’s no surprise her favorite type of art is ceramics; in her ceramics class she spins clay to create her masterpieces. Hope has been spinning now for 3 years and has made some incredible art.

She puts hours and hours into her art work and it shows.  On average she spends 2 days to make each piece of art. However, Hope has spent up to 3 weeks on a piece.  Her favorite thing she’s created was a mug she made last year. It has a handle shaped like a 3 with a red glaze on the inside and the bottom half and brown on the top half.

Her dream project is to make a set of bowls, which she said would take weeks to do.  Keep watching for great pieces of art from her.

-Cooper Chrisman


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