Running Her Way to State

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Rhiannon Hooper is a sophomore at Wabeno, and as most of you know, she has done something that very few people here have done; she has made it to State in Cross Country as only a sophomore. Everyone in Laona and Wabeno is super proud of her and Ty Heuer who is from Laona and has also made it to State this year.

I had the opportunity to share a few words with Rhiannon about her season. Here is what she had to say…

Name some of your accomplishments in sports other than being a State Qualifier.

As a freshmen, the other accomplishments I made in the sports I participated in was taking first place at my Conference Cross Country meet last year and moving onto Sectionals. I also went to Sectionals during my Track season.

Describe the feeling you had when you qualified for State.

When I crossed the finish line during my Sectional race I was extremely happy and relieved because I was so nervous for the race. Qualifying for State is one of my biggest accomplishments and it was a set goal for me from last year when I joined. I made a goal of going to State before I graduated, but qualifying as just a sophomore makes everything that much better. I practiced a lot over the summer and I also attended cross country camp which was a lot of fun.

Tell us about your relationships with all of your teammates.

I am good friends with all my teammates and I’m glad I helped convince Grace to try out for Cross Country this year. Kenzy became friends with me last year when I first joined and it was good to be able to run with her again this year. I ran with Kaitlyn in Track and I’m also very glad she decided to run Cross Country. All of my teammates were great to have even though there wasn’t an hour in any practice that went by when one of them wasn’t complaining about what we were doing. All of the boys on the team were all there to joke around with and they were all very encouraging. Ty was probably one of the biggest influences on my running because he always pushed me to do better and we both worked very hard to go to State. I’m going to miss him next year as he moves onto college.

Wabeno High School students enjoyed the pep rally Friday afternoon which was put together as a send-off for Rhiannon as she headed out to the big race. Rhiannon has put a lot of hard work and dedication into her running and she will definitely give everybody else a run for their money.  

-Kyle Harris


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