Going for Gold

The Cross Country Team has been doing great this season.  Recently the team raced for the Conference Title.  The team ended up having three All-Conference runners including, Ty Heur, Rhiannon Hooper, and Kaitlyn Fronek.  

This comes as no surprise because both Rhiannon and Ty have medaled at every race this season. The rest of the team has been adding medals here and there all year. Coach, John Twardowski, really appreciates the work ethic of this team.  Everyone has the drive to reach their personal goals and get better.  Twardowski mentioned that everyone reached their personal best times the race before conference which makes him very hopeful for some of these kids making it down to State.  

On top of the great progression thus far, Coach Twardowski also enjoys how fun this specific group of kids is, both in practice and at meets.

The team’s three All-Conference runners are hoping to make a trip down to State after their sectional meet on October 21st.

-Cooper Chrisman


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