Being Drug Free

Red Ribbon Week is a week for learning about drug, alcohol, and tobacco prevention. This week, October 24-28, we will stress how important it is to never take part in any of these things.

Red Ribbon Week started in 1987 when a DEA agent lost his life in relation with drugs being involved. Parents and children in communities across the country started wearing red ribbons as a symbol of their commitment to raise awareness of the killing and destruction caused by drugs and alcohol in America.

In addition to activities throughout the school, there will also be a Community Walk held on October 26 at 5pm. The walk will begin at Crandon Courthouse and end at Crandon High School. At the high school, there will be presentations about drug-free facts, including a presentation by Mike McGowan at 6 about the importance of standing together as a community.

With all that being said, everyone is encouraged to take part in Red Ribbon Week by wearing red on Wednesday and taking a red bracelet to show your support in being drug free.

-Kyle Harris


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