Ms. Sippel and English Goals

This is Rachel Sippel’s second year teaching high school English here at Wabeno High School. Her favorite thing about teaching is making connections with the students. She loves being able to work with students and see when the light bulb goes off showing that they finally understand. She also looks forward to seeing kids pick up a book and actually enjoy it.

Ms. Sippel grew up in Fond du Lac, WI and graduated from UW Milwaukee in 2015. Outside of school, Ms. Sippel enjoys spending her time reading or being with friends and family. She also loves to go snowmobiling during the winter.

Ms. Sippel has wanted to be a teacher since she was in second grade. At some points her decision varied, like when she wanted to be a dentist. After she went to the dentist and realized that you have to put your hands in other people’s mouths, her mind quickly changed back to teaching.

Even though, Ms. Sippel has had other jobs over the years, her favorite is teaching even if it is not as easy as it seems. Teaching can be stressful, but Ms. Sippel would never give it up because of the relationships she has with the students; she would miss all of them too much if she went back to a different job.

Ms. Sippel’s ultimate goal while teaching is to make a difference in each and every student’s life.

-Jennifer Shopodock


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