A Blast at Homecoming

Last week high school students at Wabeno High School participated in their annual Homecoming activities. Even though it was a gray and dreary week, it was a week filled with fun and craziness.

There were a variety of games and activities the classes participated in, including dress-up days, water balloon volley, float building, and ceiling tiling art. Each of these activities were judged by the teachers for a cumulative score at the end of the week. Here are the results: first place, Seniors with a score of 325 points; Juniors with 270; Freshman with 240; 7th grade with 215; 8th grade with 180; and Sophomores with 170.

As always the girls took part in their annual Powderpuff Football, but the guys started their first year of Powderbuff Volleyball. The winners of both games was the Senior Class.

To end the week, the Rebels had an awesome victory against the Three Lakes Blue Jays with a final score of 41-16.

-Kyle Harris



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