Smart Choices

Last Wednesday speaker Carl Randall came to talk to the Laona and Wabeno High School students.  Randall spoke to the kids about smart choices and self worth; he covered a number of subjects from choices in friends to alcohol and drug use.  

Carl’s reasoning for giving these speeches is because of the bad choices he made when he was a kid and his goal of trying to prevent another kid from making the same bad choices. When Carl was younger he got in with the wrong crowd.  It soon led to a life of partying along with drug and alcohol abuse.  One night after a party, Randall and a few friends were driving around when they got pulled over by the police. Instead of getting caught Randall decided to evade the police to save a friend who would was already in trouble with the law.  The car struck a tree and Carl hit his face on the radio and the dash. Carl lost one eye completely and damaged the eyesight in the other becoming completely blind.  

Instead of feeling sorry for himself, though, Carl decided to turn his life around. Since he missed a lot of high school after the accident, he worked to get his G.E.D..  After receiving his G.E.D., Carl went on to the University of Missouri where he got a degree in counseling. He went to work as a high school counselor and ran summer camps for kids in the summer.  

The students of Wabeno High School had many great things to say after Carl’s presentation. They thought his words were very meaningful and powerful. When comparing his speech to other speeches they have heard over the years, they thought Carl’s was better simply because he was able to share his own story instead of sharing someone else’s story. The students were able to see first hand what bad choices could lead to.

Hopefully Carl’s story has touched the students of Wabeno and Laona, teaching them to make the right choices for themselves and others around them.

-Cooper Chrisman


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