Zucchini Overload

Last week Mrs. Gill’s sixth hour class experimented with a variety of zucchini recipes, filling the hallways with the most amazing fall smells. Ms. Couillard had the chance to sample each of the zucchini creations and wanted to share the tastes she encountered.
Here is what Ms. Couillard has to say about the amazing treats she got to taste:
The zucchini pancake was a lovely treat.  The texture was creamy smooth with just an added zing of texture and flavor in the few finely ground speckles of green zucchini skin.  The flavor was understated–mild, gentle on the palate, with hints of a country farmhouse meal in the freshness of the main ingredient. This pancake was browned to perfection, and very visually appealing. It would rest easily next to a portion of eggs and breakfast meats, or, it could just as easily complement a tender pork chop or a chunk of tender, juicy pork roast.  This is a very versatile dish, and was prepared well.
The zucchini bread was beautifully portioned and perfectly baked.  It had a very good texture–firm, yet it dissolved gently on the tongue.  The small bits of chocolate added another dimension to the texture, though they were small enough not to detract from the feel and the gentle spice flavor of a fine, moist zucchini bread.
The zucchini muffin was a perfect blend of zucchini, nuts, and the slightest addition of tiny chocolate pieces.  Visually, the muffin was perfect–it was level above the paper liner and gently browned. The muffin was thoroughly baked, yet was tender and  had a nice spice to it–not overzealous as to overwhelm, but just a mention of all those autumn spices that we begin to long for at harvest time.  It might be that this is the most versatile of the recipes in this sampling.  It could be used as a staple or side dish of any meal in the day.
Finally, the zucchini brownie was the most WOW on the tongue! A stunning sugar bomb that has me salivating just thinking about the last bit and drooling for the next.  It was like having a river of chocolate saturated with confectioner’s sugar melting from the tongue into all the nearby crevasses.  This is an incredible treat, and one that should be saved for the most rare, the most special of occasions.
Thank you so much to Mrs. Gill and her students for treating me to their culinary creations!
– Ms. E. Couillard

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