Wabeno Goes 3D

Recently Wabeno High School teacher, Danielle Peterson, decided to purchase a 3D printer.

When asked why she decided to purchase the 3D printer Peterson said, “We added the 3D printer in order to increase the options for our students when it comes to manufacturing and using new software. This will give our students the opportunity to get ahead of the game for after high school.”  

A 3D printer works by following a blueprint; from that blueprint it creates the object layer by layer.  So far the printer has been used to print a train whistle, which took about five hours to make. Right now the the printer is used for student projects in Peterson’s tech class.  Despite having only made one item from the printer, Peterson has her class hard at work designing their future projects.  The class has to design items that have a function and a purpose. One student is currently creating a pencil holder for his locker.  

Having the 3D printer gives these kids the opportunity to create objects they never thought they could. We should be expecting great things down the road from Peterson and her tech class.

-Cooper Chrisman


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