Lake’s Originality Appears through her Artwork

Not everyone is gifted with artistic ability, however Mr.Keller did point out one extraordinary individual. When asked if he could pick out one artist of the month, there was no hesitation as Mr. Keller announced Lake Koenig.  

Lake Koenig has been in every art class she possibly could take. With that being said, each year all of the students get to see her amazing work. When I asked Lake what she liked most about art, her response was, “The thing I like most about art is that I get to make original work. Something nobody has ever seen before.” I think all of the students can agree that her art is one of a kind.

Lake creates her original artwork by puzzling together bits and pieces from ideas she finds on Pinterest. She likes to see what other people have done or are doing and then changes it to be her own. She uses the inspiration of others to get her own imagination flowing. Being chosen Artist of the Month has also given Lake motivation to create more original artwork. Lake commented that it is nice to be recognized and to know that her art is being noticed.

As of right now, Lake does not have any specific future plans for her artistic ability. She sees art as more of a hobby than a career.

-Kyle Harris


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