Working Together to Create Something Great

This year’s fall play is one for the ages.  The play is about a 1940’s radio show with about eight different segments.  The coolest part is how this play will not have as much spacial acting, but more voice acting.  Mr. Lowery wants the cast to act like they did in this time period which means all of the sounds will be made on stage. Another surprise for this play is that Wabeno and Laona Drama will be combining which means we will be seeing new cast members. The play, as of now, is scheduled for November 11th and 12th.

Drama cast member, Ellie Donaldson, was nice enough to do an interview so we could see some insight into the Drama Club. 

Ellie first decided she might like acting when she was in Mr. Lowery’s sixth grade class. While in sixth grade, Ellie started going to every play and somewhat idolized the actors. Once in high school, Ellie joined Drama and hasn’t looked back.  It’s a topic that’s very important and meaningful to her.  One reason drama is so important to her is the fact that she wants to pursue acting in the future.  Another reason, is that it’s such a similar group of kids who work together to support each other in everything they do.  Ellie’s favorite part of play acting is getting into a character and becoming that character; she loves how confident a person can feel while acting.  

Ellie wants people to know that Drama and acting is more fun than one would think.  The amount of support given from the cast is unbelievable, and, even if you’re shy and scared to fail, you should still give it a try because you just might find your passion.

-Cooper Chrisman


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