Welcome, Ms. Denz

Wabeno High School will be welcoming a new teacher! Her name is Linda Denz; she will be the Junior High’s new math teacher.

Ms. Denz is coming to Wabeno from Crandon High School. In addition to working with young adults, she has also worked at colleges, like Milwaukee Area Technical College, Alverno College, and some UW colleges.

All in all, Ms. Denz has had 9 teaching jobs and has been teaching for a total of 32 years. When asked “How has teaching affected your life?”, she replied, “Teaching keeps me young and energized!”

Linda currently lives in Mountain with her 1 dog, Doty, (D-o-de) and her 2 cats Randy and Skillet. In all of her 32 years of teaching, Ms. Denz says the greatest thing she has gained is “satisfaction and understanding in young people and adults.”

Please welcome Ms. Denz to our school and make her feel at home here at Wabeno.

-Jennifer Shopodock


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