Sweet Rivalry Victory

The Laona/Wabeno Rebels took on the Crandon Cardinals Friday night in their big rivalry football game.

The game got off to a shaky start when Crandon scored on their first drive making the score 6-0. After punting on their first drive, the Rebels got it going with a 15 yard pass from Brandon Moravec to Spencer Huettl in the endzone to tie up the score. The Rebel’s relentless defense went to work in the second half of the game and did not allow the Cardinals to score. After a huge team effort the Rebels came out on top winning the game, 24-20.

After the game I interviewed the starting varsity quarterback, Brandon Moravec, gaining insight of what it is like being a Rebel quarterback. The first question that probably every Rebel fan is wondering is what he feels to be the hardest thing of being quarterback. Brandon responded with, “Remembering all of the plays, the routes of the receivers, and most important, is timing.” That skill was apparent as we watched them pull off amazing plays, especially in the second quarter.

Even though the game was neck and neck at times, it was full of memorable moments for the fans, and makes you think of what these football players have as their most memorable moments. “My most memorable moment was my first start as a varsity quarterback,” Brandon said in the excitement of the win.

The Rebels have been on a winning record of 4:2, leaving all of the players pretty happy with their season so far. Helping to ensure the win, Brandon, son of the coach and varsity quarterback, looks over plays and makes sure he memorizes the routes of the receivers.

Keep cheering Rebel fans!

-Kyle Harris / Maddie Korbas


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