Homecoming Jitters

The beginning of school brings many sad feelings as summer comes to an end. But, one thing to look forward to is Homecoming. Fortunately for us, Homecoming is right around the corner. Let’s see what the Student Council has in store for us this year!

The Homecoming game is October 7th versus Three Lakes. Some activities the Student Council are planning for Homecoming week are water balloon volleyball (which will be held during school), float building, a bonfire, a movie night, and, last but not least, tee-peeing! The dress up days for the week will be Class Color Day, Pajama Day, Throwback Roller Day, Rebel Powder Puff Day, and America Day.

This year, The Homecoming dance will be held at Laona High School on Saturday, October 8th. The dance goes from 7-11pm and the cost will be $3 per person. The D.J. is Curt Cooper and they will be giving away $500 worth of prizes during the dance. Sadly the theme of the dance is still unknown.  

Keep your ears open for any other Homecoming events, and if we hear anything new we will keep you posted!

-Jennifer Shopodock


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