Landslide Victory

Our Lady Rebels volleyball team took home an easy victory Thursday night against the Phelps Knight, winning the first 3 sets by a landslide.

The lady Rebels (5-2) are in second place in the Northern Lakes Conference, trailing the Elcho Hornets (4-0). That match-up will be Thursday, September 29 at Wabeno High School.    

As Rebel Volleyball team captain, Allison Bartels has the tough job of keeping the team pumped up and ready to go. Because, even though they had an easy victory Thursday, not all games are quite so simple. Bartels believes the team’s toughest game this far in the season was against Elcho. She says Elcho was very quick, and “we got over confident because we won the first two games”. Not letting go of that motivation is key to keeping all the players ready for the next set. Before each game, the ladies jam out to some music in the locker room to get themselves mentally prepared. Another trick Bartels uses to keep herself motivated is to shake off her mistakes and “never let one mistake turn into two”.

Like most teams, the Lady Rebels have a big goal in mind and hope to win conference this year. In order to make that happen, the team also had to work together to meet some smaller goals. This season, the girls are working on communicating more often and keeping their spirits up the entire game. Hopefully working on these smaller goals will bring home that conference title.

Coming up on Tuesday, September 20 is our rivalry game against the one and only Crandon Cardinals. This game is in Crandon and as always your attendance is very much appreciated to help cheer on our Lady Rebels!  

-Kyle Harris


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